You will mostly be staying in traditional Bed & Breakfasts (B&B’s) / Guesthouses and small Hotels during your cycling trip. B&Bs / Guesthouses are often private lodging houses, where the friendly hosts welcome travellers into their homes. To ensure your comfort, most accommodation you will stay in has been personally checked by a member of the Rooster Bike Tours team. At your accommodation, you can expect a warm welcome, en-suite facilities (where available) and a tasty breakfast each morning (but usually no other meals).

No, on all our cycling tours your luggage will be transported to your next accommodation each day as you ride and will arrive before 5pm. A maximum weight limit of 15 kg per person applies to this luggage transfer service.

A single supplement is an additional charge for walkers booking single accommodation (a room for one person).

This is due to the fact that most accommodation providers price their rooms for double occupancy, meaning that they don’t discount the rooms even if they are only occupied by one person. Furthermore, accommodation providers have outlined that the cost of cleaning the room is the same regardless of how many people are in it, and also the potential cost of giving up a double occupancy (or more) sized room for just one person at a cheaper rate, when they could sell the room to more than one person at the normal rate, is too high.

Therefore, the total tour price for individuals who request a single room is “the price per person plus the single supplement”. This added supplement covers the extra costs associated with accommodating a single person in their own room.

A self-guided tour means that you will be cycling without a guide.

We provide you with all your itinerary details and maps (digital and for you to print, should you wish to) and how you pace your way through the day is entirely up to you. This gives you plenty of freedom and flexibility!

A ‘twin’ room is a room for two people with two separate beds. A ‘double’ room has just one large bed (for two people).

You will find GPS coordinates for each overnight accommodation on your tour in your tour pack, which you will receive prior to departure. Additionally, you will find the GPS coordinates for the start and end points of your daily rides.

The contents of your cycling pack (route notes, accommodation information, history, etc.) will all be in English.

Our core purpose at Rooster Bike Tours is to create experiences that make people happy. Some of the ways we try to achieve this, and ensure you have the best possible experience with us, include;

We don’t do off-the-shelf guidebooks – We personally cycle each trail we offer and create our own routes, or modify sections of existing ones to better suit a first class cycling holiday. By doing so, this allows us to provide you with more itineraries, route options and alternatives than any other biking tour company!

We have a low booking deposit – Our booking deposit of 20% is one of the lowest in the industry.

You can start your tour on any day / date you like – We don’t confine you to book your tour on specific dates. Instead, you can book your tour to start on any day / date you like during the biking season.

Stay in high quality accommodation – We quality check each accommodation provider that we work with on every trail, so that your stay is a perfect one.

You don’t need to worry about carrying your luggage – We’ll organise that your heavy suitcase be transferred to your next accommodation while you’re out biking each day, so you only need to worry about carrying a small backpack filled with some snacks and other essentials.
You can bike at your own pace – As all our tours are self-guided, you can bike the trails at your own pace as opposed to adhering to a strict schedule, allowing you the freedom to enjoy the beautiful nature & surroundings.

Guided biking tours are not available from Rooster Bike Tours.

However, don’t be put off doing a self-guided biking tour. With help from the documentation that you are provided in advance i.e. Route notes & maps, local history & attractions, places to eat / evening meal suggestions etc., you are well prepared, making it perfectly manageable to complete the trail by yourself – and without missing out on any of the local information & history as you cycle along the trail!

You can start your biking tour on any day / date you wish within the biking season. Generally, the cycling season for most of our cycling tours takes place between April to October, but there are some exceptions. Please see the individual trail pages for further information on the start and end dates of the biking season for each individual trail.

Our 7-Day tours include 5 days of cycling. The first and last days of all our tours are travel days used to transfer to/from the town where your ride will begin/end. If you would like to bike for 7 days, simply select one of our 9-Day tours.

Our 7-Day tours include 6 nights of accommodation – specifically the first 6 nights on your biking tour. Your tour finishes on the seventh day when you check out of your last accommodation.

It is not possible to bring your dog on a Rooster Bike Tours cycling holiday. Unfortunately, the majority of our accommodation providers do not accept pets of any kind. Furthermore, on many of the trails you will pass through farmlands where livestock are present, and where dogs are not permitted as a result.

Yes, most bus and train tickets can be purchased online in advance of your trip. Specific transport information is available on your travel package, which will be sent to you digitally one month prior to your departure.

We can generally arrange for you to park at your first accommodation.

If you are bringing your car, please contact us in advance.

Yes, you will receive a list of all accommodation that you will be staying in one month prior to the departure of your travels. Once final payment for your tour has been received, you will be sent an email with a digital PDF copy of your cycling pack documents such as your maps, accommodation details and evening meal suggestions etc. It’s within PDF copy of your biking pack documents that you’ll be able to find what accommodation you will be staying in each night.

A ‘twin’ room is a room for two people with two separate beds. A ‘double’ room has just one large bed (for two people).

Once final payment for your tour has been received and no later than one month before your departure, you will be sent an email with a digital PDF copy of your cycling pack documents:

– Digital maps of your route (GPX files)
– Printable maps of your route
– Full details of your accommodations and where you will be staying
– Our tips on the most interesting attractions to visit along the trail
– A look at fascinating local history
– A guide to the best places to eat and drink
– Safety information and emergency contact details

We try to provide trail itineraries that cater to a large range of cyclists & abilities. Depending on the trail, you may find in your route notes some alternative & easier route options for sections of the trail in order to help you navigate & bypass more difficult parts of the trail, but this isn’t always the case.

On most of our tours, our bicycle hire partners offer the option of renting an electric bike (e-bike). If you are unsure about your fitness levels, or would just like to make easier work of your daily cycling, we recommend considering this option.

At the end of the day, it’s you that knows your own level of fitness best. We strongly encourage you to review the distances for each itinerary that you may be considering, along with any additional notes on the specific tour page, in advance of booking.

Yes, we are more than happy to organise an additional night for you at any location along your tour. Simply contact us after your booking is complete and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.